Company Profile

Established in 2013, Jeffry Fitness Supplies started in making Traditional Fitness Equipments like Indian Clubs, Karla, Jori and Persian Meels, Wooden Mace (GADA). In this high priority. Jeffry Fitness Supplies has been playing a leading role as a totally reliable, is known for its concern for customers in terms of unique of highest standard. Jeffry Fitness Supplies offers a very high degree of prompt service, reliability and convenience for the clients.
Dedicated! disciplined and caring staff in the best traditions of the company anticipates and fulfill the needs of every customer – small or large.
These factors, along with unswerving commitment to the customer in terms of totally reliable and cost-effectiveness, have earned Jeffry Fitness Supplies the enduring goodwill of a wide cross-section of Customers Globally.
Having ISO 9001-2015, Jeffry Fitness Supplies continues to retain its leadership by its uniqueness and eminence of products to every section of customers.